Tree of Life (2019)

Tree of Life

Slowly rising sparks from those depths
Smell of smoke in the dark
Your fallen leaves under my naked steps
Dear silence, surround us

Holding tight and close your cold and shivering hands
I promise you dear no much longer
I see a small glimpse of your eyes covered in sand
Bleeding blood as black as the nightfall

You’re the tree that reaches to the sky
I admire your beauty, you’re so beautiful
You’re the passage between earth and sky yet I am, slowly tearing you down.

I’ve done this to you haven’t I?
Tell me please...
The man is to blame, love.
I’ve used you, shamelessly, drained you dry
Done nothing but harm, my sweet love...

Who You are (2019)

Who You are

You're a failure, worthless piece of skin
nothing you ever meant to be
disappointment in your father's eyes
all he wanted, all his plans for you are lost

Let it out
past is gone and never to be seen
embrace me, the failure
you're far more than you ever mean to be

Who you are
shout out to all
you're not alone, we are one

Show you're not a failure, show me what you're made of
these bruises and scars, no one sees
those cuts are most fatal

Let it out
past is gone and never to be seen
embrace me, the failure
you're far more than you ever mean to be

Who you are
shout out to all
you're not alone, we are one

Who you are
shout at the face of god
you're not alone, we are one
stand as one

You, you can go afar
become one with the dark
don't let anyone
chance who you are

You can go afar
become the dark
don't let anyone else
chance who you are

Who you are
shout out to all
you're not alone, we are one

Who you are
shout at the face of god
you're not alone, we are one
stand as one

Inhale the Flame (2018)

Inhale the Flame

This fire, slightly warms my core
Adds life to these old and lifeless bones
Million sparks rising, from the charred remains
Only smile sustains, on this burned face

Inhale the flames, you die
Fire reaches intestines
Purifies inside out

Exhale your soul and mind
Cuts you loose from these mortal binds
Open your eyes

This life, oh, only series of lies
Let the fire burn, and free your mind
Distractions, grand illusions
Life-long-hoax with smoke and mirrors and well trained hoes

Inhale the flames, you die
Fire reaches intestines
Purifies inside out

Exhale your soul and mind
Cuts you loose from these mortal binds
Open your eyes

Let me in
Let me out
Let me choose
Cut me loose

Witch Hunt (2018)

Witch Hunt

Spare the hanging rope
You can never really know
The Witch might be alive, they say
You can't be too careful, you know...

"Witch, the hunt is on!"
Yelling the red-eyed patron
"Drown it, burn it , concrete casket waiting for it!"
You've got nowhere to hide!

Kiss me with those cold lips
Let me see you smile
It's me lying here
Bleeding life out of me

Bury my body under the ground
My mind must must be tied tight and drowned
Heart cut out and burned, charred black
Someday, somehow I might come back

I'm innocent and most of the people know
Shrieking in fear "To the fire, go go!"
In the distance, a faint glow
They think they're saving a soul

There's something that stopped my heart
That numb old black lump full of scars
I'm not the only one who's gotta go
But women and children also, oh no...

Trust me everything will be just fine
We're not gonna just die
But saved from these monsters
They've already died, from the inside

Storms Arise (2017)

The Dawn


Old World Burning

Tie my rope and hold it tight
Before I change my mind
We have been guided by the blind
For far too long...

Following this false god, all covered in gold
All the remaining parts of the old

The old world is turning to ash
Flames reach to the sky
In the warmth of burning homes
Everything familiar dies

Less is more.
Is it really so, behind the iron doors?
Flogging with thorns
Would you take the next hit for me?
I can’t take this anymore...

Beyond Horizon

Long forgotten heir drowned this princess of fire
Faithful servant, so sincere…
Calm strangler rising higher

Beyond horizon
Lies this city so calm
Before the horizon
Storming fire has taken all…

Baroness of silent screams, carries million tears
Kneeling down on a leash, eating from their feet.
Until the the day she’ll be free, humiliated daily by thee
Only memories of family, carved in her flesh… in her skin…

Over the seas came pure of evil
No mercy or shame.
Raiding villages at night
Raping, killing all peasants at sight.

This fire has taken all

Slowly fading away
Royal bloodline dies
Slowly fading away
Bloodstains on marble dry
Slowly fading away
Royal bloodline dies
Slowly fading away
Motionless on marble.

Unholy War

It’s your time in the sun
We’ll blow this fortress kingdom come
Don’t wait for the savior, until it’s done!

Rushing forward, towards the guns
Embrace the wounds, Embrace the Sun
Let this calming rain be blood

War saves the coward, not the brave
Axe rises in the air
Don’t feel guilt for those you cannot save
They’re all dying anyway…

Baptised in blood, burning ashes and smoke of guns
Be a man, be brave, be proud
War be our home, hail of bullets be our storm
Rushing enemy, a tidalwave

Spare no hate, nor bullets
There’s nothing such as fate

Say no more: There’s nothing holy in war
Shedding blood in the name of god

Hovering over the warfield
Close to the dead, smell the burning blood
There’s no smiling, no laughing
Among these daughters and sons lies all the grief in the world

Death, Let Go

Oh arise, rise up to the sky
Shine your light upon me
Let your last ray of light revive me

Today, tomorrow, too early, too soon…
oh the death may wait
One heartbeat for eternity…

Broken man like I am crying endlessly
Now you see me as I do…
Take a good look and avoid me.

Even though I am still breathing and all
I have been already long long gone…
As my eyes grey-out even more
There’s no asking death, to let me go

Let your pouring tears rain on me
All the pain and all the hate
Show me all, tell me everything

I’ve been blind, I’ve been deaf
But it seems unable to forget
Oh I am as guilty as it gets

Broken man like I am crying endlessly
Now you see me as I do…
Take a good look and end me


Everyone’s shaking their heads
Nothing good comes from death
Leaves healing wounds wide open
Angel of lawlessness may rot in hell

I just cry to show that I care
God I am feeling guilty
I just cry to show that I care
Not even knowing who lies in the coffin

Kindest of words, but no true meaning
Just to ease their pain
Laughter behind their backs
Hands on these mourning shoulders
Not to ease their pain but to cause some more

Both my hands are tied and my mouth is stitched shut
Chained my ankles tight, bones cracking under weight
Tell me the truth or is this all just lies?
Lies that hide the truth about me and you


Something rained through the roof
Tried to wake up this sleeping family
This something stained the rooms
What these walls have heard, what they’ve seen…

Holding hands with someone already gone
Like praying for the god
Standing in silence and staring at the fire
This someone is not the god

Last night I heard you talking with someone
All quiet, like whispering
I also heard faint answering
Although you were standing there alone

There’s clearly something you don’t tell me
Something secret, something bad
Clearly something you don’t tell
Hiding in the shadows of the past

If This Is Your God, I Don't Need One

So the new day rose
All streets flooding with blood
Blood of the innocent one
Hundreds overnight considered gone

Heavy hand of misery weights me down
Strangling down onto the ground
Is this madness truly learned from the book
If this is your god, I don’t need one

So put me down
I’m truly the imminent threat to you and your beliefs
If only your god, who wants us to die, could see you right now

I’m not the one to judge
Who to live or not to
I’m not the one to judge
But so aren’t you

Quick bursts of light in the darkness
I see act of war
Look at the grief that you’ve done
If this is your god, I don’t need one


Fallen in between two worlds
Those two are different in all
But still the same

Forever silence covering all
Howling sirens, Distant call

Far in the distance cities fall
Drowned in the sea or be buried in salt
This is the same, it’s the same

We’re all gone
We will be gone
They’re ahead of us already turned to dust


Oh god, oh mother
Someone another
Please save our lives, we’re all gone

Dead-tired men crying and just waiting to die
Everytime I hit the sea with my oar I want to die more

Storms arise
Aiolos hear my prayers, my calls
Take our ships to your embrace
Take us all

Last night I saw god and she kissed my eyes
Morning came with the taste of blood…
She’s taken my sight

Under the plain blue sky where the sky kisses the seas
I’ve dreamed horizon to burn, waves eating the earth
Million islands no habitants
Just eyes, closed eyes

This truly is the end of the rainbow
Where the hidden prize awaits and the prize isn’t for us
This truly is the end of the rainbow
Heaven’s came down to the earth and so tomorrow has good news written on dust
No more of us

Dream Too Real

Only plain dead silence
and shadows rule these halls
Death and her whispers
Cold siren and her calls

Corridors screaming their sorrow
Begging you, child, to follow
Step on her path cold and narrow
Get lost for good, beyond forever

I'm trying to hold on
on this fading life almost gone
These tubes wont keep me alive
Mind still struggles, but body is lost
Heart is slowing down
Glowing lines and beeps fading to background
Slowly blending into surrounding noise
I'm only a line, I'm a fading sound

Wake me up I beg you
from my lucid dream too real
Well I'm not afraid when I am with you
Wake me up I beg you
from my lucid dream too real
While I'm not really here, you're here
with me

Surrounded with these shadows in white
I don't see what they're doing I'm so afraid
Only words: “hopeless” and “dies” cut through the emptiness

When the time really comes
When there's no these beeps, glowing lines will stop
If you really do love, you don't lie...
Do I really die?

I see it has already began
It's rising like a storm
This cold white light surrounds me
Sentencing yet it's calming

I feel cold, I feel fear
But the pain, it disappears
I don't feel you like before
I'm not breathing anymore

Strand of life slowly tangles 'round my neck
Glow of life fades out from my eyes
This is the end
This is the end of me

Have you ever watched yourself
From the outside of your decaying corpse
Disappearing before your eyes

Give me even one more day
I'm not ready to go
Not today

Don't let this be the end
Don't let this be the end of me

The End of Silence (2013)

Follow Me

Distract the guards
With sound of a breaking glass
Let’s run when they’re not watching this way
This is our“get-outta-jail”-pass

Years in the damp dungeon
Makes you feel little paranoid
Everyone’s against you
They’re planning something

This is the point where’s
ain’t no turning back
Take my hand and let me lead the way
Freedom waits ahead

Follow me, follow me
Into the darkness
Follow me, follow me
Peel off all the remains of disgrace
Follow me, follow me

Do you hear the barking of the dogs
No? Dear god we’re safe
Do you hear the cars,
The guns, anything at all?

Keep whispering, you’ll never know
They might be near, I can almost hear
Maybe in that lightbulb, hiding in that glow

All Gone

Rearrange my mind,
To remember the time...
When I used to hide,
From these chains of time...

Searching my heart,
Emotions they’re all gone..
And find out that the dark,
Corners of mind aren’t gone

All gone, everything is gone
Beat ‘n torn, dying heart
I’ve played my part
All gone, everything is gone
Dismembered my heart
I’ve played my part

Embraced by the dark,
Which scarred this soul of mine...
Begging on my knees,
It’s not my time...
Not my time...

Running through the forest of flames
Gates of hell,
Prepare to welcome me Hades
Dragging after me a bloody piece of meat
My very heart,
last time beats for no one else but me


Told me to cover myself from the light
When asked for guidance through the night
Hide from the sun, stay out of sight
Hide from the sun, stay out of sight

Your eyes transform the light
Right before you and I
Change the way I am and I
Drown into darkness inside

When I first time saw your face
I was gone for a life
This feeling inside,
There’s nothing I’d change
I’ve fell for a devil
Fell in love with a devil

Powers in you, tear me open
My body rips, unveils the fallen
Uncovering the truth, we’re all the same
Beasts no one dares to tame

Your eyes transform the light
Right before you and I
Change the way I am and I
Drown into darkness inside

No one told about, what lies inside
Under the tears of joy, can’t see with bare eyes
No one told, you can’t kill it with fire
No one knew, that charming liar


Look at me, look at you
You see nothing do you?
Rotting carcass, yet thinkin’ about it’s looks

More we spend the more we are
Expensive clothes, shiny cars

This step means nothing
You’re still not moving anywhere
Looks like we’re tied with something
With our own chains of egoism

Guns been shot, next time
Aim much higher
Go for kill, brain or heart
Organs more vital
Kill the beast, inside
With raging fire
Excorcist, with raised fists
Foresees omens more dire

Follow me, follow please
Right behind me into the abyss
Let ́s dive into this madness, river of cash

Take my hand and take my heart
Organ transplants on k-mart
Donated something from my chest,
You don ́t need feelings in a game like this


In my chest, there’s a burning flame
Burning everything...
And nothing’s anymore the same
Flames of oblivion, burning away my love
Gonna save it from my heart
Try to save this feeling from my heart
Save this feeling from my heart

Waiting when it starts
Firestorm blazing through my heart
Waiting for a start
The judgement starts,
It rips open all our scars

I’m not trying to say...
That I’m a better human being
We all should face...
The truth...there’s no future for us to live
Do you see that hill..?
It’s right behind it...
There’s no salvation for me
We all are going to die here

And everyone who’s there...
Are all trembling in fear
Everyone who’s there...
Shall got their faces smeared

Includes you...

My Bullet

Shouted, screamed ‘n cried
Raped, beated and left to die
In a dress all white, drowned ‘n hide
Under stones to the lake nearby

Banging my head against the wall
This shadow ten feet tall, hellbound
Hands over me this empty gun
Threatens to continue ‘til
you beg for a round

Disintegrates my brain like love
Not a single tear has the time to fall
Tears my chest for a moment
And then i’m gone
Give me my bullet
Burns everything on it’s way through
Bulldozing it’s way towards you
Wheel of fortune’s needle stops at “the end”
Give me my bullet

Memories can turn like these
Chasing blood-thirsty beasts
Even good ones are all the same
When taken away,
Barriers of mind will break

Banging my own head against the wall
My shadow ten feet tall, hellbound
Not anymore a empty gun
Pulling the trigger makes a relieving sound


This city has a specific smell of it’s own
Something’s wrong here...
Something’s rotting in here...

A touch of teargas in the air
A gentle touch of violence
A gentle touch of ignorance
A gentle touch of death

Put that gun away
There’s enough of hate

Could you tell the difference
Between hate and ignorance
Could you find it, feel the resemblance

Torn ‘n dirty newspapers flying in the air
News of yesterday, news of the past
Photos of the glory days,
smiles, warm thoughts
Now dissolving into a puddle of
water and blood

This can’t be us? Us humans?
Horrors made by us, by our own hands
Cities silenced by guns
Screams and crying silenced by guns
Whole nations are proud of us

Kills Me

Who is she?
The woman in the shadows?
Looking at me, doing something to me
She casted a spell on me

Can’t help myself
Something’s pushing me towards her
Makes me say everything
My god... this feeling’s so weird...
this feeling’s so weird...

And it kills me
Chains me up and tears me
Feels like it eats me
Rips out my heart and burns me
Calls me names and smears me

This must be... some kind of poison
It’s starting to strangle me inside
I must obey her,
I’m totally out of control
I’m totally out of control

My Own Silence

Steps in the shore ́s shallow water
Cold sand under my feet
Chain abrades my shoulder
Morning ́s cold breeze shivers me

Steps towards the waves
Towards watery cradle
Slowly swinging, the last home of
the brave

The enchanted feeling
Right before death
Cold and paralyzing
Sleep-like perception
Before the collapse
My own, calming, silence

Slowly sinking towards the bottom
No second thoughts, this is it
Just seconds away and i ́m the phantom
Ghost of these waters, these waves

Not the sun so bright, not love and joy
Can bring me back to life
This will be my grave, not the soil
My home, my grave, my everything

Dive into the silence
Let yourself slowly drown
Together we ́ll sleep forever

Lines Drawn by Tears

Mourning soul, fading out
Crumbling to the ground
And among the sand,
Wind is blowing me away
I’m all decayed

Agony and bits of pain
Piled in this head of mine
All these sins flowing through
my vains

Catatonic silence and emptiness
Lifelines drawn by tears
Forgotten regret and innosence
Lifetime spent dying and no one cares

Deadly secrets on aching shoulders
Price paid in blood
Deadly secrets making soul go colder
Drowned in flood of blood